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Engaging and Relevant

Hearing Beth’s story was very interesting and lended a lot of credibility behind the idea of “career curves”. We all have to navigate our professional career paths and sometimes we just need to hear of what others have done along their path(s). This podcast is engaging and highly relevant. I recommend it to those facing a fork in the road or even a dead end.

Career Stories That Include the Peaks and the Valleys

One of the best pieces of advice I got was that careers don’t move in a 45 degree angle. We will experience peaks and valleys in our professional life. Host Beth Davis talks with successful people who are candid about their ups and downs in the workplace and the often circuitous routes they took along the way. Beth is a skillful interview, listens hard to what guests say, and asks good, open-ended questions.


Love this show. Beth is an awesome host. Great stories from real industry titans. Well worth a listen!

I am getting to know what I don’t know!

When we think about successful companies, we tend to praise a single individual; often the CEO. Career Curves shines a light on silent leaders who are never seen in the media but significantly impact company success. Beth has a unique ability to make conversations feel natural as if I am sitting in the room.

Great podcast

I am in currently in between jobs and the podcasts moderated by Beth Davies are such an inspiration. Beth does a great job interviewing all types of leaders from both the public and private sector. Keep these interviews going!

Passionate and diverse

Beth Davies brings us the voices of a passionate and diverse group of people, in fields spanning engineering to theater to tech to government wonks. No matter what the industry or your place in your own career, there are truths that will resonate with you and tips you can take for your own next steps. Beth has the ability to guide the narrative in a way that brings out the driving points in the speakers story, all in her warm and engaging manner.

Real Human Interest

Beth’s growth journey, work and personal we incredibly insightful and entertaining. Becoming self aware and self confident don’t just happen. It takes interest, heart, honesty, acceptance and a whole lot of reflection! Tganjs for letting us peek into the mind and heart behind this podcast 💜

Engaging and informative

These stories of people’s career journeys are engaging and prompt a lot of reflection on my life, past, present, and future. I loved Beth’s own story in the last episode of season 1. I’m currently thinking through how I can use it with the college students and young professionals I know and work with.

One of my favorite podcasts!

I had the unique pleasure of working with Beth for several years and I’m so happy that I still get to listen to her insightful stories and good advice. I highly recommend this podcast to anybody who works or is looking to work, no matter what stage you’re at in your career. I promise you’ll find it helpful and inspiring and will spur on some healthy self reflection

Inspiring for every career

Beth’s season finale podcast episode was one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever heard. Her journey gives me a lot of confidence in pushing through the tough times at work, assurance that the past tough career situations will help me going forward and excitement/enthusiasm for what lies ahead 😊 I struggle with mentally beating myself for feeling behind in my career (especially over what I perceive as “failures”), so what helped me the most in this episode is hearing that making the good out of the bad is the best way to have those obstacles be a helpful part in the curvy career journey 🏔 Beth has a knack for asking very insightful questions and brings the best out of her guests while also providing her own valuable insight. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone at any point in their career!

Totally engaging

Hearing a variety of different people reflect on their career paths is fascinating to me. Beth’s interviews are thoughtful and thorough, and she often asks her guests just what I had been wondering myself. I find each person totally engaging, and many times wish the conversations didn’t have to end! Beth’s own curvy career experiences allow her to connect with her guests in an insightful, knowledgeable, and very real way. Love that there’s a website, too. I am a picky podcast listener; this one is top notch.